Puzzle-Generator 1.0

Creates custom crosswords and word search puzzles with your own words
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You can draw and design your own crosswords and word search puzzles, or let Puzzle Generator do it for you. Just feed it with a list of words and their corresponding cues or definitions and the program will generate your personal puzzle according to your preferences. You can save the unused words for a future project and export your puzzles either as a Word or an image file.

The program is capable of generating two types of puzzles – crosswords and word search puzzles. The former requires you to enter a number of words with their accompanying questions, while a list of words is enough to generate the latter. As for crosswords, these are generated in a random fashion according to the dimensions (in rows and columns) that you define for them. Therefore, the more questions and answers you add to the list, the greater are the chances that you end up with a comprehensive and well-formed puzzle. You can tell Puzzle Generator to ignore lonely words (those the program couldn’t fit into the puzzle) and to put a blank space between words or not. Definitions can be printed outside the crossword or inside it, and you can create your own solution text as reference. The program will tell you how many words could be used and will list you the unused ones for you to dispose of them as you wish. You can further customize crosswords by adding images to them. You can use whatever photos or image files you have stored on your system, define their dimensions (in crossword boxes), and tell the program where you want to place them. You can use these feature to substitute the clues with images in crosswords for children.

Word search puzzles are even easier to create. You just need to populate the list of words with as many as you wish and the program will try to fit as many as possible in the puzzle, filling in the blanks randomly with letters of the alphabet or with a character set that you define. Depending of the level of difficulty that you want to achieve, you can tell the program to reverse words, and place them horizontally and/or vertically. Again, you’ll be informed of which words couldn’t be used so that you can save them for another puzzle or simply discard them.

Once generated, puzzles can be neither edited nor altered, so you cannot add words manually to fill in the gaps. You can try and add that word to the list, generate the puzzle once more, and hope for the program to use it. Despite this minor drawback, Puzzle Generator is a very easy-to-use app that will allow you to produce high-quality crosswords and word search puzzles in minutes. The output quality is of a professional level.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Uses your own words and definitions
  • Insert images in crosswords
  • Supports word input from CSV files
  • Save puzzles as image or Word files
  • American-, British-, and Swedish-style grids


  • Once generated, puzzles cannot be manually fine-tuned
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